• Alistair & Michael

    Al & Mike are South African but New York is home. They chose to get married at one of my (now favourite) venues; Hawksmoor House. The wedding was in Early Jan an the weather was hot and perfect for an […]

  • Greece

    I went to Greece to photograph a wedding and I took along with me an awesome assistant and friend, Roxy Laker. We spent some time in Athens, Spetses (where the wedding was held) and then made our way over to Mykonos and finally Santorini. All I can say (in a total Dirty Dancing kinda way is […]
  • Couvaloup

    Wedding photographers (or any photographers for that matter) don’t get much chance to do anything other than work during season. We work 6 days a week without a break – often editing until 3am. A weekend off is very rare and when we do have it we have to savour every second. I am not […]