These images are from a recent collar that I had with a new kid on the block, Foraged. The company is owned by Janine Vermeulen, a long standing friend of mine who has a vision to go green, bringing the chic, to eco friendly weddings.
“A stylish and modern wedding is easy to pull off in a sustainable way. As more and more brides decide to go the greener route, they are discovering how natural and powerful their day can be when focussed on choosing options with little or no impact on the environment. The modern couple can still have stunning stationery and lush greenery, without having to worry about the size of their footprint on the earth’s natural resources. We loved the contrast of white against green and the few hints of colour thrown in for good measure. Fans of anything handmade, we absolutely adored the ceramic bowls and plates and that striking minimalist stationery. The bridal look is stunning in its striking simplicity.” – read the full article that was featured on The Pretty blog here

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