Wedding photographers (or any photographers for that matter) don’t get much chance to do anything other than work during season. We work 6 days a week without a break – often editing until 3am. A weekend off is very rare and when we do have it we have to savour every second. I am not complaining – I absolutely adore my job and I get a lovely long break in winter 😉  but even with all the love in the world for your vocation, sometimes your body needs a rest. I had Valentines weekend off and we decided to take a trip and do NOTHING! After a lot of searching we found this wonderful boutique guest house call Couvaloup in Hopefield! “Where” you ask? Hopefield! That is exactly what I wanted for my break – somewhere where you have to ask “where is that” when telling the story of your wonderful weekend away! Couvaloup is run by a wonderful French man named Laurent who is ever so funny and an absolute wonderful host! We had gorgeous meals and wonderful conversation with interesting guests! I would definitely recommend going there to anyone who wants some peace and quiet. Here are a few snaps of my Valentines weekend. Hope you enjoy!


  • Selma

    Looks fab Wesley!

  • Rustin Meyer

    Looks absolutely lovely!

    Such beautiful shots taken. I absolutely love the Lindor on Louis Vuitton one! And the bath… oh the bath… I just love the bath.


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