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One of the things I find kind of off putting about wedding industry professionals in South Africa is the need to broadcast our lives. I really don’t think we are that interesting or that our clients want to know about our spouses, families and what we had for lunch and yet many people in the industry love to put their lives on display for everyone to consume and judge.

The same goes for little “meaningful” quotes or storylines on blogposts and Instagram posts; speaking of the people in the images as if you have known them since they were children and can decide what they mean to each other. To me. We should never assume how much two people mean to each other or the journey (now I sound pretentious) that they have been on together. We simply cannot reduce it to words, and I feel that is THEIR story to tell. For us to start speaking about love as if we know what these humans mean to each other and what they have been through, kind of cheapens their experience. I know that this will be unpopular, but these are my feelings.

Anyway, I digress……what I am trying to say is that I don’t blog or write little stories about myself or others as I don’t feel that it’s my place to do so. I do however have something that I would like to share that is personal to me and to my clients; I am moving to Sydney, Australia!

My husband and I have been on the lookout for opportunities to live abroad for a couple of years. We are both happy with our current jobs but as we don’t plan on having children, we would like to experience new adventures that come from not having too much responsibility and a bit more challenge in our careers; I have always dreamt of shooting weddings in Australia and Nic has been offered a wonderful opportunity which enables amazing career growth. It was a no brainer!

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been kind to any of us. Most of my bookings have been postponed to the end of 2021 and the start of 2022. It was therefore impossible to make this move seamless and the transmission is going to be a little bit of a challenge, but I am excited nonetheless for what lays ahead.

I will be in Sydney from the 4th of Feb 2021. I have sent out the below email to all my clients whose weddings fall before June 2021 but if you have not seen the below then please be aware:

There is no need to panic about your wedding – my plan is to return to South Africa for my bookings. It has however come to my attention that several clients and coordinators are sitting on postponement information without telling suppliers about their decisions in hope that the situation changes. PLEASE be aware that if you do not let me know as soon as you make the decision to postpone, then this heavily affects my ability to travel and also the cost that I incur to get back to South Africa to do so. I would therefore really appreciate the courtesy of letting me know as soon as you make the decision to do so.

This brings me to further points:


I do understand the need to postpone your wedding should you need to. The pandemic has been challenging on us all and I have been extremely accommodating with regards to this. Due to emigration plans, I have to unfortunately draw a line at some point with regards to postponements as it is not going on for years.

If you have already arranged a postponed date with me then you will not be subject to an increase in the original rate and that date is now set. Should you wish to postpone from this date onwards, you will only be able to rebook your date during the following months, subject to availability:

October 2021

December 2021

Feb 2022

Please note that I still have many dates available during these months; please feel free to enquire if you are looking for a photographer in Cape Town during these months.

If you are an existing client, then feel free to pop me a mail if you have any questions.



*Picture of Sydney not my own*

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